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Whether you’re after a perfect fit, or just something that’s uniquely you, investing in custom accessories like bags ensures that the final bag is something unable to be replicated. With an experience that is both exclusive and luxurious, the act of customization allows you to bring more of your own character into the design. From handcrafted of Made in Italy, the advantages of custom bags is that they are one-of-a- kind items that speak to your individual style.

GINIK offers the possibility of personalization not only to speak your individual style but also to enable you getting yours at your budget by adding and/or subtracting its features.

Create My GINIK Bag

There are two ways to create your GINIK Smart Bag.

  1. Choose a product/s from our shop and you can add and/or subtract its features according to your budget. 

  • Your favorite color/s

  • Your preferred sizes

  • Personilized with your name

  • Add something else

    Delivery time: 2-4 weeks.

2. Create your GINIK Smart Bag from scratch.

  • If you have your own design, we can create it from zero and add our features according to your budget. You will have a CERTIFICATE that proves that you are the only one that has the model globally.

Delivery time: depending on your requirement.

Please note that GINIK is an Italian Luxury Fashion Tech Brand, so all our products are 100%Made In Italy.

To create your GINIK Smart Bag, please, kindly write us your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.

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